BETA Spain focuses on conducting simulations called Models of the European Union (MEU) in which participants become MEPs, ministers from EU countries, journalists, lobbyists and interpreters. In addition, it collaborates in other projects to bring the European Union closer to young people.


MEU Spain

European Charlemagne Youth Prize winner | Spain 2022

Model European Union Spain (MEU Spain) is the most important event organized by BETA Spain. It was devised at the end of 2019 by the President of BETA Europe and former secretary of BETA Spain Carlos Gómez Arnemann.

MEU Spain 2021 was awarded the European Charlemagne Youth Prize as the Spanish winner in 2022

MEU Spain 2023 se celebró en Málaga del 23 al 28 de julio.

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MEU Granada

Model European Union Granada (MEU Granada) is the oldest event of BETA Spain. Organized since 2012, young people from all over Europe come to the city of the Alhambra to discuss European legislation and get to know this part of Andalusia.

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BETA-DEBATES, organised by BETA Spain, is the space where BETA members and former MEU Spain participants analyse and give their opinion about the most recent European events

The overall objective, apart from the traditional debate, is to progressively build up an overall perspective - by collaboratively contributing previously unknown data and creating new arguments and perspectives on new issues that have just appeared on the geopolitical landscape.

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Europe Day (2021)

On the occasion of the celebration of Europe Day in May 2021, BETA Spain carried out, in collaboration with the consultancy and blog RelaciónateyPunto (RRyP) a series of podcasts.

In the first one, the founder of MEU Spain, Carlos Gómez, talks about the Models of the European Union and how they work with RelaciónateyPunto.

In the second, BETA Spain and RRyP talk about the Conference on the Future of Europe with Casilda Rueda, an expert on the European Union and professor of Public International Law.

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