The association

Message from the President

Welcome to BETA España. This association wants to promote the European Union between young people through different activities. We are better known for organising Model European Union (MEU), conferences in which for a couple of days young people from around Europe and beyond meet to simulate the European institutions as MEPs, ministers, journalists, lobbyists and interpreters

However, it is not only simulations what we do. We also organise debates, and we collaborate with many branches who are part of the BETA Europe federation, present in more than 10 countries which organises events all over the continent. BETA is a space for collaborating, promoting and proposing ideas regarding the future of our continent.

You can navigate through our website to learn about what we do. If you are interested in our activities, you can participate in the events we organise, or become a member by contacting us. We are at your disposal for whatever you need.

Eduardo Roca
President, BETA España

President (2021-)
Vicepresident (2019-2021)
Officer in MEU Granada (2016, 2017-2018)

Director General, MEU Granada (2022)
Eduardo R. Roca

Law and Political Science student at the University of Granada. I see the need to expand the concept of the European Union and multiculturalism.

Vicepresident (2021-)
F. Javier Chaves

Business Administration and International Relations student between Spain and Chicago.

Treasurer (2021-)
Officer en MEU Spain (2021)

Deputy Director General, MEU Granada (2022)
Nacho de Diego

Law and Political Science student at the University of Granada

Secretary (2021-)
Participants coordinator in MEU Spain (2021)
J. R.

Graduated in International Relations

Our vision

Who are we

«I want Europeans to build the future of our Union. They should play a leading and active part in setting our priorities and our level of ambition».

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission (2019-)

At BETA Spain, our goal is to provide university students with in-depth knowledge of the decision-making process (ordinary legislative procedure) that takes place in the EU institutions.

To pursue our objectives, BETA Spain is organizing various projects. An example is the simulations known as Models of the European Union (MEU).

The BETA Spain newsletter will be available very soon, with all the association's information every month in your email.