In MEU Spain we give you the opportunity to participate in five possible roles, which represent different aspects of the legislative process of the European Union.

MEU Spain 2024 will be held in València from 21 to 27 July 2024, where dozens of young people will become the representatives of European citizens in the EU institutions.


One of the two institutions who pass laws, the European Parliament is composed of 705 MEPs divided in 8 parliamentary groups. Along with the Council of the European Union, it determines the final form of European legislation. As they are directly elected every five years, they represent the European citizens.

In MEU Spain, MEPs will be proportionally distributed along the parliamentary groups.


The Council of the European Union is made up of ministers of the Member States (currently 24). Along with the European Parliament, it is one of the two existing legislative bodies. If the European Parliament represents the interests of the citizens, the Council of the European Union represents governments and their priorities.

In MEU Spain, the ministers will represent the interests of the country that corresponds to them, so that the final legislation is adapted to the position of the government they defend.


Despite not participating directly in parliamentary debates, journalists can have an influence on the final result of the vote. A last minute information, secret negotiations that come to light or the summary of the news are part of the tasks of the information professionals.

In MEU Spain, journalists will do their work following the instructions of the journalists coordinator, helping participants to understand everything that happens and to know the latest news.


Lobbyists are experts on the issues to be discussed during the simulation and will make their knowledge available to the other participants so that they understand all aspects of what is being discussed. In doing so, they will be able to influence the way in which legislation is amended and to steer its outcome towards your own interests.

Lobbyists in MEU Spain will make speeches defending their interests and trying to influence MEPs and ministers. They will also be able to answer questions from MEPs and ministers.


Interpreters facilitate communication by translating speeches and discussions between participants who speak different languages. They ensure smooth interaction through simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, while maintaining neutrality, accuracy and confidentiality.

Los intérpretes en MEU Spain Interpretarán y traducirán de manera oral algunas de las conferencias y otros momentos de la simulación entre varios idiomas para que puedan ser comprendidos por todos los participantes


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You may participate as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), minister in the Council of the European Union, journalist, lobbyist or interpreter. You can learn more about the roles

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